Moment - 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes

Today, a perfect fall day, the tree stands majestic.



You can’t miss the leaves, red and orange, lighting the sky. The leaves see us off as we drive away and welcome us upon our return home. From the park across the street children and families swing as the leaves provide the backdrop for their adventures. I take the kids for a walk and see a photographer taking pictures of the leaves. They’re too alive, too brilliant, not to capture them.

My daughter looks out every morning to see it standing tall. Everynight before bed, too, she peeks out her window. The tree keeping watch over us all.

Every year we watch the tree transform through the seasons.

Throughout the winter, the tree bare, we see the branches and sticks remain strong. As the days lengthen and warmer temperatures arrive we see tiny buds, glimpses of new life emerging. Warmer nights bring us to the front porch looking towards the tree. It brings us peace and calm. The tree's presence a reminder of the power in making roots where you are.

During the summer we find shelter from the sun under the green leaves. The kids splash and play in the shade. The dog sits watching the cars go by. We lay a blanket on the grass and look up to see blue skies and clouds.

I’ve sat under the tree before I could imagine the life we’d live here. I sat there longing for children of my own to feel it’s shade. I sat there picturing a particular life I’d like to live. I sat there pregnant full of possibility. I sat there cradling a new baby. I sat there watching my kids play.

The tree saw it all. I sense that the tree knows more than I do about the holiness of this place. This yard. This neighborhood. These moments that I find myself living here.

Beautiful moments under a tree.

Moments of love.

Moments of family.

Moments turning into the story of our lives.

**All month I'll be participating in 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes. Each day I'll take some time (sometimes 5 minutes and sometimes a little more) to sit down and write. It's about the discipline of writing each day. It's about listening to the words from within. It's about letting creativity work in me. I'll share my writing at some point during the day on my blog. Thanks for reading.