Walking to 40 (an update)

Last week the kids, my mom, and I took another hike for #40hikesfor40years at a local botanical garden. In a matter of hours the temperature climbed into the 90s with a heat advisory. All signs pointed towards rescheduling our trip to Powell Gardens, but we were determined: I had another hike to walk. 

We went with a guide for a one-mile nature hike. The tree cover provided relief from the heat. Isaac searched for mushrooms and found a small snail along the path. We crouched low to seek out frogs with heads poking out of the water. At the lotus pond the work of beavers could be seen by the downed trees. "Look, mama, look!" I heard over and over as the childrens' delight led the way. 

I've taken 18 hikes so far and as I journaled about this latest walk, I realized that I have two looming deadlines coming to a head roughly around the same time. I turn 40 on August 25th and hope to have walked 40 hikes before then. Similarly, I have a large writing project due September 1st. For the rest of the summer I'll be spending much of the time either writing or walking, or doing both at the same time as stories work their way through me with the movement of my body. When I walk I turn over scenes and am on the lookout for God's Spirit at work in my life. Moving my feet invites me to get outside and breathe and find the beauty in a sun-drenched world. 

Writing and walking bring out the best in me - and help me work out the rough edges. 

It would be easy to feel overwhelmed with the to-do list. But as I wrote the other night it dawned on me that I'll accomplish both of these goals and deadlines the same way: one foot in front of the other and one word after another. Author Anne Lamott says bird by bird, and I too will take it one step at a time. 

So whatever it is that you are being called to do, trust that you do not go alone. The way will be made by walking one step at a time, and the story will be told one word after another