A Blessing for Walking into the New Year

A Blessing For Walking Into The New Year
You are here
however you got to this point —
maybe by sprint or crawl
limping, or in pain
with hope and joy
the beginning welcomes you.
This beginning welcomes you —
to remember the people who walked with you
the places you've been
wins and celebrations
sleepless nights
moments where time stood still
missteps and hard-earned lessons.
This beginning invites you to see —
a slant of light streaming through the window
a child’s bedhead and sleepy eyes
sticky fingers and flour-dusted counters
living room dance parties.
This beginning revels in the moments —
rocking your babies
shuttling to practices
helping with homework
reading books on the couch.
When you’re here,
give thanks for your hands
for all they have held and carried
soothed and nurtured
for the food chopped
and the toys picked up
for backs massaged
for peace given with a single touch.
When you’re here,
give thanks for your feet
for the games of hide-and-seek
the halls paced
walks around the park
visits to and from doctor’s offices.
The new year beckons
and invites you forward in hope
with open hands and heart
daring you to dream.
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